PulseStore Plus

Introducing PulseStore Plus

PulseStore Plus uses data from our own PulseData Hub and allows a much wider and expanding range of suppliers and manufacturers. It integrates fully with PulseOffice and your accounting software.

For Workwear and PPE dealers especially, this is a major breakthrough – no more manual uploading of csv files, difficult to navigate customer websites and hard to use ordering systems.

PulseStore Plus has all the features of PulseStore, but also manages product variants such as size and colour, which allows the user to easily find the product they would like and then select the variants they need from one product listing.

It also has an option to bulk-buy multiple sizes in one click as well as multi-buy discounts.

It is suitable for a variety of industries where enriched product data is not readily available or won’t allow for multiple suppliers.

We’re adding new suppliers and manufacturers all the time. Just ask, and we may be able to feed your requirements into our development schedule.

With PulseStore Plus you can now spend less time dealing with data uploads and IT systems, and more time selling and helping your customers.

Call on 01568 617 611 or message us below to find out more about PulseStore Plus and whether it might suit your business.


Automatic product feeds from

PulseData Hub suppliers and manufacturers

If there is a supplier not currently on our list, or you are a new supplier who would like to work with us, please get in touch.


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