About Heart Systems

Heart Systems are the creators of Pulse, the cost-effective ecommerce software that has been helping business and office products resellers since 2002.

What do we do?

We write software that takes product information from multiple top suppliers in your industry and automatically updates both your back-office system (PulseOffice) and integrated ecommerce website (PulseStore). We also link with some of the top accounting software products to bring your business workflow into one, easy-to-manage system.

One stop software means one supplier, one point of contact and clarity across your business.

How do we know we’re doing the right things?

We’re constantly talking to our customers and those in the industry, both day to day, and at conferences, shows, dealer group meetings and other industry events. This way we can keep abreast of what our customers want and need, and the direction of the industry, to make informed decisions on how we develop our product.

Further to this, we are members of the BOSS Federation, and contribute to the Synergy Group that helps set standards in the Business Supplies industry.

Why do we do it?

We do it because we’re experienced software developers who know this business inside out! Our team have been writing software for the business supplies industry for more than 30 years.

As such, we know what our customers need from a business supplies software system:

  • easy and intuitive to use
  • flexible for different business models, teams and locations
  • able to handle data from a wide range of top suppliers and manufacturers
  • a good looking, user friendly ecommerce website for their customers to order 24/7
  • a top notch support team on the other end of the phone

And with an ingrained company ethos of continuous improvement, we are constantly developing our software to keep abreast of emerging markets, needs and developments in the industry.


We just want to be the best at doing what we do, to help you do what you do.

Our History

Back in 1985, Heart Company Founder and Managing Director, Helen Young started working as a software developer, and later as a Director for a software company working with John Heath, (who subsequently joined with Kingfield to become Kingfield Heath, and then later evolved into VOW).

In 1992, Helen started her own software company (Katlog Computer Systems) producing the Statkat back-office system for the office supplies industry. This quickly grew to over 300 customers, supported by a dedicated team of 12, including current Director, Sarah Kennett.

In 2001, Helen and Sarah launched Heart Systems, replaced the old DOS system by rewriting the code completely for Microsoft Windows and launched it as PulseOffice. They were joined by Sales Director, Emily Murphy.

Our present

Pulse has evolved significantly from its early days of just a back-office system, to what is it now: a fully-fledged one-stop business solutions software encompassing

  • a fully functional data conversion system, integrating with various suppliers, running automatically in the background
  • the development of PulseStore – a fully integrated ecommerce solution
  • integration with industry leading accounting software packages

We are one of a small handful of software houses currently specialising in the business supplies industry, but with the added advantage of our PulseData Hub data conversion system that means we can now also bring the many benefits of Pulse to other industries.

Our future

We don’t always shout about it, but we’re constantly developing our code to streamline our product, offering more automation, and saving you time and money.

We’re continuing to explore related and emerging industries to help our dealers diversify now and in the future.

And we’re always interested in your feedback to know what you would like to see from Pulse going forward.

Please contact us if you would like to suggest ideas for future developments.

Watch this space!

Company Information


Registered Office:

Heart Systems Limited
9 Lower Broad Street

We are registered in England & Wales under registration number 02720351

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